Cosplaying at Dee Con  

Cosplay Attire:

Dee Con is a family friendly event and so please consider this when planning your cosplay. There are no restrictions on cosplay dimensions however please be aware that the venue does get extremely busy and a large cosplay may be difficult to go about in. If your cosplay is considered too large to safely go about in you may not be allowed into the building.  

There are no designated changing facilities for cosplayers within the building however there are toilets available for changing in.   


Props will be inspected at the door before entry and will be held by security if considered too dangerous to be carried around. Entrants for the competition will be allowed their props for judging and all those in the masquerade will be allowed to use any confiscated props onstage during the masquerade. They must then be returned to security afterwards if you are staying in the building. 

Common sense should be used in regards to props. No real weapons are permitted as well as props with sharp edges or points. There are no specific guidelines for prop dimensions but please remember the venue does get extremely busy and your prop may be confiscated if considered too big to be carried around safely. Try to avoid props that can easily cause harm to other attendees in a busy environment even if they are not overly large. If bringing a realistic looking gun please ensure that the muzzle is brightly coloured to indicate the gun is fake. Any projectiles must be removed and not fired. Props will be permitted to the venue on a case by case basis and discretion will be left to DUSA security on the day. 

Cosplay Events  

The cosplay events for DeeCon 2015 will include both a competition and a masquerade. This will allow cosplayers with both handmade and non-handmade cosplays to present them on stage.

Applications for the competition and masquerade are to be made prior to the event. There will be no opportunity to sign up on the day.

Please sign up BEFORE Saturday the 28th of March 2015.

Information is provided with the application form. Please read this information. It includes important points you need to know before applying. 

Please send your applications and any other queries to:

Competition Applicants:

The competition is for cosplayers who want their cosplay to be judged. If you wish to enter the competition your cosplay must consist mostly of pieces made from scratch or pieces that have been significantly modified by you. All entrants will be judged during the day prior to going on stage. Further information is provided with the application form.

Masquerade Applicants:

The masquerade is for all cosplayers. If you want to show your cosplay off on stage but do not have a handmade cosplay please enter the masquerade. You will not qualify for the competition in a store bought or commissioned cosplay or one that has not been modified enough. If you have a handmade cosplay but do not wish to be judged please feel free to enter the masquerade also.
Further information is provided with the application form.

All Applicants:

Groups are welcome, however due to time restrictions skits unfortunately cannot be performed. If you are entering as a group each member must fill in their own form. There is a section for you to mention the other members of the group. It is possible to enter the masquerade with a group of people who are a mix of competition and non-competition entrants.
Further information is provided with the application form.

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