✧The Institute for Historical Arts✧

The Institute for Historical Arts is a Historical European Martial Arts school that has been set up in the city of Dundee. At the Institute for Historical Arts we are dedicated to the revival of the European martial culture that has been all but lost. 
There is a common misconception held by the majority of people that martial arts are only an Eastern discipline, but the West also had a very prominent martial culture that has developed and honed over hundreds of years. This martial culture was slowly lost over time due to the invention of firearms. One of the key things the Institute is trying to do is stop this misconception and give Europe back its martial tradition. 
The Institute for Historical Arts teaches a comprehensive system that stretches from the thirteenth century to the eighteenth century and is currently growing to incorporate more systems into its syllabus.
Based at the Dudhope Community Centre, we run classes on a Friday night from 7 till 10. New members are always welcome and should bring suitable clothing to train in and your first session if free. 
More info can be found at our facebook page:


Toni Paxtoni

Toni Paxtoni, aka Tom Paxton, will be entertaining us in Air Bar from 7pm with an acoustic set. 


Naill Calder 

Niall will be joining us with his accordion for us in Air Bar from 7.45pm performing a mash up of songs from The Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, Game of Thrones and Zelda.


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