Guest Speakers

Phil Vaughn 

Phil Vaughn, the Course Director of MSc Animation and Visualisation and Module Leader of Comic Art and Graphic Novels at DJCAD, will be joining us to talk about the release of his new creator owned digital comic 'Bantah Six', which will be published in Aces Weekly (Run by David 'V For Vendetta' Lloyd).

He will also talk about Anthology Five, which includes work from level 3 DJCAD students who took the Comic Art and Graphic Novel module.


Calum Laird: Comando Comic Editor 

Calum was born in Dundee, home of Comic Kings DC Thomson & Co, there was always a fair chance that he would end up working in the comics industry. 
No-one, however, had told him that and he took a science degree at St Andrews University in the late 70s. Once he had graduated, though, the comic magnets were switched on and, after a brief spell as a labourer at the firm’s print works, he landed a job as a trainee on Jackie Magazine. After 18 months there Calum moved to Commando Comic, which became my home from home. 
Despite several “postings” to teenage magazines, women’s magazines, a motorcycle title and one of the commercial departments, he returned to Commando in 2007 after three years on The Dandy Comic. Calum was in the fortunate position of taking over from the man who had mentored him in his early days and was delighted, if not a bit overwhelmed, to be doing his best to fill his very large footprint. He is expected to say this, but it’s true – Commando was his favourite comic growing up. To be responsible for nurturing this national treasure is a privilege, a dream come true…and one big responsibility.
Calum has recently graduated from Dundee University with a Masters Degree in Comics Studies, one of the first intake to a new and exciting development at the University. 
Calum will be taking about the successful Comando comic and how ideas develop from observations and experiences to a story filled with action and adventure.

Commando’s Biography:

Between the covers of Commando lies the story. These are always fiction but they’re always set against an authentic background based in solid fact and the author’s research.
But a Commando is more than just paper and ink. It’s the story of a struggle against adversity, a tale of action and adventure, which can be set against the background of the Roman invasion of Britain, the battlefields of Nazi-occupied Europe or, sometimes, the imagined battleground of the future.
The action can take place anywhere from the depths of the ocean or the dizzy heights of space.
Every Commando starts with an idea. These can be the slightest thing and can be prompted by almost anything. They could be born as the result of seeing a piece of military equipment, the tale of an actual event, an imagined piece of dialogue. There’s no formula, every writer is different and may come up with ideas a hundred different ways.
All we know is that the ideas come and we’re glad of it.

So, you've got your idea, what’s next?
From the idea, the writer has to build his story into a plot with a beginning a middle and an end. And characters. Commando revolves around characters. Square pegs in round holes, the fearful, the daring, the compassionate, the cruel. All must overcome or be overcome.
When all that comes together it’s written down as a synopsis, a stripped-down outline of the incidents and the players who will bring the tale to life.
Next there’s the script, a sample of which you can see in this exhibition. It follows a format and contains a picture description for the illustrator to follow, a panel or panels to carry the plot forward and balloons to reveal what those vital characters are saying or thinking.
This completed script is given form by the artist. He gives faces to fighting men, gives them guns and uniforms, gives them life. And, where the script demands, he may bring death to them too.
Once he has done his bit, the words and pictures finally meet up on the finished page.
And all that from a chance remark or observation.


✧The Lolita Fashion Panel✧

The Lolita Fashion Panel will be held by Lisa and Sinsemellia.

Lisa is a 21-year-old fashion technology student who has been wearing the fashion for almost six years. Her preferred styles of lolita are sweet, classic and hime; anything that can be worn with roses and pearls!

Sinsemellia, a chocolate-hoarding, shoujo-preoccupied 21-year-old with aspirations toward becoming a magical girl, has been wearing lolita for two years. She wears mainly sweet or hime, drawing inspiration from the glitz of hime gyaru.

The panel will be aimed a little more at people who are already aware of the fashion. The focus will mostly be building coordinates, building a cohesive wardrobe, taking outfit photos and general lolita lifestyle tips and info.



Diamond Steel Comics:

DeeCon will see the exclusive launch of Saltire: Annihilation Part 2, the next epic installment of the Scottish superhero graphic novel series. The critically acclaimed series “Saltire” first emerged in late 2013 and publisher Diamond Steel Comics has since received award nominations for Arts and Culture, Best British Comic and What’s On Book Of The Year among others. The series centers around Scotland’s first comic book superhero while the dark and gritty world of the main character is a pseudo-history of the country and its mythology. Set entirely in the landscape of Scotland during pivotal moments from the past the novels are familiar to those who enjoy the legends of Scotland and modern superhero dynamics. Selling out across Scotland and gaining international recognition, Saltire has received wide spread critical acclaim, frequently compared to Marvel’s Thor and The Lord Of The Rings.The books sold out translations into Gaelic and Scots language have also created a new medium for learning within the comic book field.

The series author and creator John Ferguson along with artist Claire Roe will be in attendance at DeeCon for an exclusive pre-release signing one week before the book hits high street shops. John will be introducing the book and the whole creative team (John, Claire, colourist Lauren Knight, cover artist Jimmy Devlin and letterer Phil Vaughan) will take part in a Q & A panel on the new book and all things comics and superheroes.

Diamond Steel Comics will also run a superhero workshop for all ages! The workshop is an event for all the family, where you can create a cool and fun superhero (with help from the professionals)! Come dressed as your favourite superhero and join in. Free to attend, with free signed Saltire posters for all and a great prize for the winning superhero creation.

For budding comic book artists (all ages), John and the art team will be reviewing portfolios at our table in Floor 4 from 5pm.


Sha Nazir

Sha is a comic artist and designer who has worked in the arts and creative industry for over 20 years, clients have included BBC, ITV, Virgin & ESPN. He is the festival producer for Glasgow Comic Con & Capital Comic Con. And the founding chair of SICBA, the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance. His first graphic novel Laptop Guy, is released in April 2015 by BHP comics, he is currently drawing Mega Penguin, Laptop Guy and colouring John Wagner & Alan Grants new book, Rom of the Reds.

Off the page! Drawing Workshop

Join comic artist Sha Nazir for a a quick fire lesson in how to draw in six simple steps, before having the chance to draw your own comic character. Silly hats are encouraged!


Monty Nero 

Monty created the hit creator owned series 'Death Sentence' with artist Mike Dowling in 2011, selling over 10,000 copies of the first issue which is now currently available as a graphic novel and ongoing comic from Titan and published in France by Delcourt. He's written The Hulk and X-men for Marvel, and contributed stories to 2000ad and Vertigo. He lives in Dundee, where he also works as an artist and his agent is James Wills at Watson Little Ltd.

TITLE: CREATOR OWNED COMICS: How to make a living doing what you love

In this talk Monty discusses everything you need to know, practically, financially, and creatively, about making a living from creator owned comics.

- Selling comics
- Distribution and publishing (online and print)
- Negotiating a great creator owned deal.
- Financial costs and profit sharing
- Maximising income from Foreign language editions
- Designing and presenting your comic
- Writing and art tips


John Farman

Vital Publishing was formed in January 2015 by the publishers Marc De Launay and John Farman, who had previously collaborated whilst John was writing/ publishing under the Black Hearted Press label. 

This culminated in School of the Damned being optioned for a feature length film. A few months later School of the Damned also won 2 SICBA’s at Glasgow Comic Con. 

John Left BHP in the Spring of 2014 and joined forces with Marc to relaunch already established titles such as School of the Damned and Royal Descent, the latter causing a media stir and angering the Daily Mail in particular as they decried the comic as ‘A sick version of the hunger games’. 

As well as these established titles Vital will also be publishing Tales of the Damned, the sister title to SOTD as well as Purity Ring, a brutal satirical slasher set against the backdrop of middle America and Tea Party politics. For Purity Ring see Heathers meets Halloween. 

Vital Publishing has a full year of monthly titles and trade paperbacks scheduled you can find out more on their Facebook and Twitter with their website due to launch in late April. In the meantime you can always just pop along to their table and say hi!
Vital Publishing Facebook

John will be joining us to do an introduction to comic book writing workshop, which he has done in the past at the Glasgow Comic Con and the CCA. He will be talking about the motivations for writing and the clarity of idea, character and emotional resonance, as well as the logistics for creating comics. 
He will also hold a Q&A session, where he will be happy to give advice on making your own books!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander is a comic writer who has had two comic strips, ‘Kings Crown and ‘Whiskey in the Jar’, adapted for TV series Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which was shown on Syfy in the U.S 

He has also written for: DC’s Batman 80-page Giant and Birds of Prey; Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-Man and Uncanny Origins; Tokyopop’s Star Trek Justice and Judge Dredd Megazine and Titan’s Penguins of Madagascar. 

Jim is the Co-founder of the independent comics publisher Planet Jimbot and he has written and created GoodCopBadCop, which won the best British comic at the Believers/Eagle comic’s awards 2014.

The workshop will cover the main aspects of the comic writing process, which includes the Pitch, Themes and Characters, Synopsis, Story and Final Script. You will gain insight from a successful comic writer and have the chance to develop your own ideas as long as you don’t mind them being integrated into the workshop. 
If you attend the workshop you will receive a crib sheet and free Planet Jimbot comic!


Bandursnatch Studios

This year we are happy to announce the presence of Bandursnatch Studios as guest speakers again!!!!

Bandursnatch Studios is a Cosplay performance group where they take cosplaying to a silly level and parody characters. 

This year they will portray The Avengers "In character" for Panel. They would be in full costume and playing the parts of Characters such as Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Hawk eye, Thor, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, Black Widow, and Loki. 

They will be answering the your questions (related or not) and MUST stay in character.

So if you fancy asking The Hulk what his favourite food is? Or what kind of conditioner Thor uses? Or how Captain America copes in small spaces? Then come along and get your answers.

The panel time will be released closer to DeeCon so keep an eye out for the schedule!!


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