Sunday, 22 March 2015

Guest Speakers

✧The Lolita Fashion Panel✧

The Lolita Fashion Panel will be held by Lisa and Sinsemellia.

Lisa is a 21-year-old fashion technology student who has been wearing the fashion for almost six years. Her preferred styles of lolita are sweet, classic and hime; anything that can be worn with roses and pearls!

Sinsemellia, a chocolate-hoarding, shoujo-preoccupied 21-year-old with aspirations toward becoming a magical girl, has been wearing lolita for two years. She wears mainly sweet or hime, drawing inspiration from the glitz of hime gyaru.

The panel will be aimed a little more at people who are already aware of the fashion. The focus will mostly be building coordinates, building a cohesive wardrobe, taking outfit photos and general lolita lifestyle tips and info.



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